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Tesseract was a short film we made in two versions. One version is an abstract narrative of women in water and nature. We shot most of it under water in a black bottomed pool and the surrounding grassy area on a sunny day in rural PA. The other version we put onto vimeo in carefully sliced portions for a total of ten. We then designed posters for each section with QR codes. Each poster was hung in a different Northern Liberties venue, where ppl could scan the code, watch the video, and then see a map where the other videos could be viewed. This became a further abstracted way to break up the narrative, as there was no set path to consecutively view each one. The juxtaposition of the rural to the urban space also allowed for a momentary escapist virtual experience. Here is the link below to see the videos, and the posters are also displayed in this gallery with some stills.