Portfolio > Create In Situ (new media work)

This is a gallery dedicated to collaborative projects conceived and executed with my creative partner, friend, and fellow Philadelphia artist, Sarah Zimmer.

This is the statement from our former web site:

As multidisciplinary artists, they focus on the dynamic layers of perceptual experience, place, and time. They create public and site-specific works that explore the psychological, social, and emotional effects of place.

The goal of CIS is to create site-specific artworks that engage the community, transforming the chosen site through collaboration and technology. A diverse team of professional consultants and partners collaborate with them and the community to create these transformative works.

CIS is dedicated to expanding the role of new media, technology, and physical computing in site-specific works of art. By these means, CIS augments the everyday experience of place - transforming each space into a perceptually enriched experience.